Is there any such a thing as a _working_ ionic/angular/node platform?

I am writing that question because I seem to have all kinds of problems getting together a collection of node modules that at the same time will allow me to:

*Build for Android and IOS
*Build a webpacked, minified etc. WPA
*Get Firebase working

There are Angular/Firebase teeting issues that can be resolved by a careful match of modules, but then if you want to successfully deliver an obfuscated WPA you need to upgrade the TS compiler which then breaks the brittle angular/firebase connection etc. etc. etc.

(Typescript, by the way, is a non-solution for a non-existing problem that adds framework complexity and buildtime, but that warrants another tread).

So please IONIC team. Instead of fieldning .pro features that one can get elsewhere and going on to the next Ionic 4, 5, 6 etc. please fix Ionic3 so that it is useable out of the box. Please

Don’t get me wrong. I like a lot of things about Ionic, but Ionic3 took me by surprise. Not only did I have to scrap all Ionic1 code and start all over - suddenly things simply didn’t work nearly as smooth anymore if at all and the Ionic part of the buildtime is ridicolously slow even on my superspecked i7 workstation.

Sure :slight_smile: