Is there any problems I might run into programming in JavaScript (jsx) instead of TypeScript (tsx)

I recently switched all my files in Ionic (v5) React to jsx files instead of tsx files. I have worked in ReactJS before with jsx files and felt more comfortable writing in that over tsx (I realize they are extremely similar but for the sake of time it is less to learn). Anyway, I was wondering if there is any downside to this or any problems I might run into with Ionic doing this?


plse read recent blog on Vue and Typescript. Same applies to React?

Basically Typescript allows you to have your bugs found while you are working in your editor. Next, it allows your editor to provide suggestions and API definitions.

I guess if you have a built in rigor and discipline, having early insights on your typos, using the dynamics in a controlled fashing, are not building a big app or plainly don’t care about runtime erros, then maybe reconsider Typescript?

ps. what is Babel actually doing for React?