Is there an easy way to create this kind of reveal slider [updated]?

The ionic web site has a really nice slider widget to demonstrate how easy it is to create applications. Is this possible with the built-in components? It’s from their main web site:


The site source code is here, so maybe you can find what you’re looking for in there or at least point people to what you’re talking about. It’s pretty hard to search off screenshots.

Perhaps somebody else will like your update and help you out. I emphatically don’t and won’t. I specifically asked you to point out where in the ionic site you are talking about and explained how useless images are in this situation, and you doubled down on useless images.

Why are you wasting both our time with such an obnoxious post? That’s not what this forum is for. It’s to help. If you can’t or won’t - don’t.

Because I want to see your question get answered, and am trying to get the information I need to assist you.