Is there a workflow for faster development?


I am starting with Angular 2 Front-end Development, then I want to make an Android app for training and learning, but for me it’s too slow to develop and keep checking my changes in app/browser, it takes too much time everytime I save something to check if it’s ok, is there a faster workflow (Gulp or something else) so I can develop faster with Ionic 2?


I hope this isnt too late. Had the same problem yesterday. Fixed it as follows:-

  1. Get a capable mobile device and connect it to same wifi network as your pc. I will be using an iphone 6 for this today.
  2. Start your ionic app with ionic lab
  3. Load the ip and port on your mobile device browser. Mine is
  4. Now open up your editor and edit the app. Livereload will keep pushing changes to your mobile device in realtime.

Please note you need a powerful device to reduce the time it takes for your mobile browser to render the app ui. However if this is not possible, any other device works just as well. You will have to be a lil bit patient. I use Google Chrome to preview. Evergreen, heh?

You can also optimize your LAN to allow packets thru it faster. Disable your torrents / downloads to allow the cli deliver your changes faster to the device. I hope this helps you