Is there a way to limit the number of json items fetched?

Hello all-

I am creating a simple news feed reader as a learn to code. I have created one, but the JSON feed grabs over 2000 objects. I only want the latest 100. Is there a way for me to do this in the code?

Right now, I am testing this using the browser and the app take over 60 seconds to load. I am hoping that if the JSON data is smaller this time lag will not happen.

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This isn’t much of an Ionic question really, you should be limiting the results on wherever they’re located. If anything, you could provide a parameter in your request to say “I want X objects!”, and the backend then reads that and returns X objects.

So in short: Depends on how your backend is setup.

If you want further assistance, please provide some details about your backend :slight_smile: If you have no control over the backend, I’m hoping the provided a way to limit the amount of objects returned (like with a parameter, as previously explained), so check out their API docs.

Hello mich356c,

Forgive me… I am very new to coding. What do you mean by “backend”?

I created a JSON feed using from a collection of rss feeds that I want to follow. If that is the backend, I don’t think I have control of that.

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Yes I suppose that would be considered the backend in this scenario. Hmmm, I don’t know this service at all, and a quick Google search didn’t provide any help. Maybe they have some support you could ask?

The limit has to be made on their end, because your request could take a while no matter what you do on your end. If the request itself isn’t too slow, you could just limit the amount of articles you’re displaying at a time in your app? :slight_smile:

Hi Mich356c,

I was able to reduce the feed and it did help reduce the time; however, I am still experiencing a delay of about 10 seconds for the app to load the first time.

Can you offer any other suggestions to reduce the load time of the app?

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How many are you retrieving and how many of them are you initially displaying in the app?

Now, I am only retrieving 25 different objects. The initial display is only 1 object. I saw on another thread

that if I use ionic build android --prod to generate the apk, the initial load time will be reduced. I will try this to see what happens and report back.

Oh, if you’re not doing that already then it will certainly help.