Is there a way to integrate facebook & google login in ionic PWA

I developed an app in ionic 3. It’s working fine for android & iOS. Then I added browser platform & found, fb & google login not working for it.

Ionic documentation here says facebook plugin is supported in browser. But it’s not working.

Google plus plugin only supports android & iOS.

So how to integrate fb & google login in PWA developed in ionic 3?


I am also investigating this myself at the moment.

The facebook plugin doesn’t work with browser and it seems to be a problem related to the in app browser plugin.

I am thinking the only way of currently doing it would be to use the facebook sdk.

I will continue to investigate this.

@niallr did you find any solution?

Everybody says about pwa but i dont understand how one can use the plugins with browser and also cordova. Only solution is to write code for both ends l.

The solution is to use module for PWA. I tried it. It’s working fine.

Did you really try angularx-social-login in a PWA ? for me it’s workin in a browser, even on a mobile, but when I install the PWA on my smartphone then I can no longer login to google via the social login API. I’d be interested to see your code if it’s working, maybe I missed something ? do you have a repo to show this ?
Thanks in advance