Is there a way to initialize a project with your own name

following the approach provided in the documentation your project always in named “starterApp” i poked around and found some of the places where I needed to change the name, but not sure if I got all of them.

Is there some documentation somewhere that covers that? Is there a way to create a base project with ionic without starting with the seed project?

Unfortunately, the Ionic CLI doesn’t let you pass in an argument to give it your own name.

Perhaps a bash script?


grep -rl starter /Users/jn/jnsApp/ | xargs sed -i "" 's/starter/stopper/g'

thanks, I will play around on a “test” project with this to see how things go!

It’s a huge missing feature in my opinion.

This requires an additional toolset but I recommend the generator-ionic for Yeoman. I am using it since a few days and it has some nice tools on board - amongst the one you asked for:

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