Is there a time picker in Ionic?

There is a data input in HTML5, but how about time only? something like 8:05 AM, 9:00 PM,

It is not input but I think you can use native time picker. Take a look at related section on ngCordova page. Also, I have not used it yet but you may configure angular-datepicker to only pick time.

You can use Ionic to make use of the native date/time pickers on your mobile device.

According to, setting “time” as the input type as per the example below should do the trick.

<input type="time">


This works on iOS 8. I have not test android, I guess should works on Android 4.0 above.

According to this page HTML5 tests - inputs (mobile), Safari 5 and above support input time, but android does not.

Here is a little better explained.

I have created a time picker for ionic framework which supports both 12 and 24 hour format. with 1 and 15 minutes increment / decrement.

Find it in link.

Having issues with existing time pickers, I’ve created a new one which has a native feel to it.

It can be seen at:

Hope this helps,