Is there a downside to not using Ionic component but standard DOM?

Hi !

I was wondering if there were any downsides (performance, rendering…) to not using Ionic components (ion-content, ion-label, ion-grid…) and instead using a standard DOM (classic HTML, CSS).

My objective is to have an identical application on iOS/Android (and potentially Web), and as much as I understand the interest for some to have a different default rendering by OS (style, placement, as with ion-label), as much in my case, I find it easier to have a conventional DOM (coupled with Angular) to manage my grids and my breakpoints with standard CSS.

But does this have any other impact than just the default visual provided by Ionic?
Can this impact performance? (For example, do Ionic components render a standard DOM when compiled, or does it also leverage native view components)

I would like to know the consequences before I can make a choice and in my architecture :slight_smile:

Thanks !


You can set the app to ios or md mode so the app will look the same, no matter the device.