Is the new popover dialog syntax too complex for a simple menu?


I was really happy to read Beta8 featured a popover dialog. It was exactly what I needed for my app. Until now I used an actionsheet which did not feel very native on Android since most use the popup dialog for menu items as shown in the screenshot:

However for just some simple menu items I now need to create a complete new Component, template, imports etc. for just a few actions. Whereas a actionsheet is just a few lines of code.

Is it an idea to make an actionsheet show as a popover dialog? I understand the showing a page in a popover dialog gives you a lot of flexibility, but for just showing a menu I would prefer the action sheet syntax with just a parameter which tells it to behave as a menu relative to a toolbar button.

I am looking forward to the feedback on the above :slight_smile:

PS. It turned out when one of the actions is navigating to another page the back button isn’t working.


It really depends on your app. I get what you mean by it being a bit more work. But there’s a lot of reuse you could get, sine it just takes a component as a popover. So that same component can be used in multiple places.


I understand but now I have to pass a lot of my page logic into the popover page. Whereas with an action sheet I don’t.

Is it possible to have a actionsheet act like a popover?

Is the back button not working a bug or on purpose?