Is someone stealing my app?

Hi everyone!

I have a medium sized app on Android only. (It was bigger before :joy:) and a few months back I discovered and started using (error tracking for my javascript).

This said lately I’ve seen some very weird errors reported… Since my app is ionic v1 (basically a website) and it’s Android Only why am I getting reports of erros happening in iOS devices?

Note the URL file:///var/containers/Bundle/Application/B7F6AF92-01BB-4501-A2A4-752F041027A7/ which is not my normal app URL, its Apple specific and it has “” in the path and that’s also not from my normal app…

This makes no sense unless someone took my code (HTML, JS, CSS) and made an app for iOS… Can someone help me track this down? I did a quick look in the Apple Store through Google and didnt find anything…

Mobile Safari UI/WKWebView 12.4.1
Mobile Safari UI/WKWebView
iOS 12.4.1

A huge screenshot with tuns of information:

The answer to the big question is: yes

Months later I’ve found a copy of my app on the Apple App Store. :man_facepalming:t2:

FWIW, Apple does seem to have a system in place to deal with situations like this.

Thanks @rapropos! I couldnt find it a few months back.

But I still wonder if I should go ahead…
Because the only downside that I see as of now is a possible “dilution of my app name/brand”…

  1. They probably dont show my ads so I dont get revenue or get problems.
  2. I get the erros on … maybe that will even be usefull one day when I decide to do an iOS version…
  3. People can’t really leave a review… (a bad one because the app probably doesnt work very well on iOS) only if they are really determined and use the Play Store web interface to do it on their iOS device… and not even sure if the Play Store reviews that through the web interface
  4. This only shows how easy is to copy an app made with Ionic, you just get the HTML + JS + etc add the plugins that you see being called and publish again…

I guess I will still do it just to learn the process… Thanks again!