Is Phonegap Local Storage Limited To 5MB?


I understand on the web, Local storage is limited to 5mb. I want to know if this is the same case for Phonegap and if so, how to increase it. I have been reading online and most articles note that Phonegap uses a higher access level so it does not have the 5mb limit but I do not know this for sure.

Anyone with a clear answer on this out there?


Yes, phonegap storage is limited to 5 mb since it utilizes the indexedDB (browser based DB) for storing the data.

However, we can increase the data limit by using sqlite plugin which is available at


SQL is not for me honestly i prefer working with local storage as it is much faster has less limitations in terms of bugs. I wish there was a way to have it use as much memory as native apps do


I would recommend using pouchDB along with webSQL adapter.

However, we will need to add sqlite plugin in your project, but we will not use sqlite based queries in the project anywhere.

Please follow following link -

I can help you out with sample pouchDB app.


try localforage