Is LocalNotifications.isTriggered working?

I am using the plugin “LocalNotification” from Ionic Native. There is a method isTriggered which - I guess - would be the same as .on(“trigger”), but the former does not seem to fire. Any hints?

    id: 1,
    title: 'some info',
    text: 'more infot',
    at: firstNotificationTime

  LocalNotifications.isTriggered(1).then(triggered => {
    console.log("Scheduler fired");
   // will not be fired!

  LocalNotifications.on("trigger", function(notification) {
    if ( != 1) return;
    console.log("Scheduler 2 fired");
    // works fine.

On trigger is an event listener which will fire when the notification is triggered.

isTriggered is not an event listener its a method to call to see if a specific notification was triggered.
Its not the same thing.

Thanks for the explanation!