Is it possible to use bluetooth for file transfer?

I’m planning a new app and I was doing some research on how to transfer file using Bluetooth if the device are in reach.

I saw the BLE and Bluetooth serial plugin but I was wondering if its possible after paring the 2 devices to send file (Images) from one device to another.



i have the same question. Is it possible to send images via bluetooth to a opp server (running on a raspberry pi).
i want to display images on a second screen.


Any update on this?
Has anyone tried sending files using the bluetooth plugin?

Hello, have you got any answer. if yes please tell me i am trying to do this from 5-6 days

Sorry for the delay. But the project I was working got delayed so I did not look too much into it.

I will try to work on a sample application later this year and make a tutorial about it, but looking at the native api it looks like you can use the BluetoothLE to do that.

Also look at the Bluetooth Serial open the github link and you will see some examples code on it.