Is it possible to make an app that puts an overlay custom image over the camera?


Can somebody tell me if it would be possible to make an app similar to this one

Basically a user can select a fireplace (over 50) and the image pops up over the background which will be the users wall (so that they can see how the fireplace would look like in there home). You can pinch the fireplace to make it bigger/smaller (important)

Also I would appreciate it if somebody could explain how I would save the picture with the fireplace inserted… The only way I can think of is to take a screenshot of the users screen but I dont think the resolution would be great that way

Here are some examples of a similar app

Thank you

This could offer you some ideas:

How could the resolution be any better?
You can of course also take a picture, then process this picture to add the fireplace in the same place as they had it when the picture was taken.

Thanks @Sujan12 I was actually just looking at that a couple of mins ago.

Do you know how I could zoom in/out on the fireplace to make it bigger/smaller? In the screen shots above the user just pinches on the fireplace to zoom in/out.

Also any idea of how I would get the coordinates of where the fireplace was placed so I can add it there when processing the pic?


Does anybody know how I would zoom in/out on the overlay?