Is it possible to make a number picker with ionic 2 components?

Basically, I’m trying to make a number picker similar to the one in this image, so I can use it to manage inventory:


I noticed that there is a ‘picker’ component listed in the API, but the documentation is slim enough that I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Has anyone out there been able to make a component like that in Ionic 2?

You might want to checkout the select component source.
For something like this, you’d end up making you’re own Component and using that API would give you a good base

You may want to use the picker component to build your own number picker.
but It’s some low-level API and doesn’t have a detailed document at this point.

I explore it myself and spend quite some time to build a custom component on my own.
Here is what I’ve done, check it here

Number Picker

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I am currently looking for a similar component. Do you have any news on this topic?