Is it possible to load the browser version of an app whenever the app launches, to help prevent client-server incompatibility?

My use case is whenever I launch the app and I find that the server I’m connecting with is not compatible with the app’s version, that I load up the browser version of the app instead which is always matching the server’s version.

The basic solution I’m thinking of is allowing them to click an external link which just takes them to their mobile web browser if it finds that their app version is incompatible. Plus if the web-app was a PWA, they could then save it to their home screen and use that as their app instead. Would it be possible to navigate to the web browser immediately upon opening the app if this condition is met?

I’m sure there are App Store rules and limitations for this, but I’m just wondering if anyone has done this and if it’s a good way to prevent client-server compatibility issues.