Is it possible to load an existing Ionic project into Ionic Pro?

I have an existing Ionic 2.2.3 app that I want to ultimately test on the Ionic View iOS app. Is it possible to test Ionic 2 apps on Ionic View? Or is it only available for Ionic 3.x projects?

I have tried following various instructions to load my existing app into Ionic Pro so that it’s visible to the Ionic View app, but all of the instructions I’ve found seem to target Ionic 3.x, as most of the commands I tried give errors of some sort.

If it is indeed possible to load an Ionic 2 app into Ionic Pro, can anyone point me to some documentation that is actually complete and correct? For instance, I can’t run “ionic link” in my project folder, as I get error “You cannot run this command unless you are in an Ionic Project folder”. I then read that I can use “ionic io init” instead, but that makes no mention of SSH keys like the “ionic link” documentation refers to. I am just bashing my head into one brick wall after the other.

Ionic 2 and 3 refers to the version of Ionic Framework. Ionic Pro an Ionic View don’t care what version of Ionic Framework you have.

The command you run are defined by Ionic CLI. For Ionic Pro to work you have to upgrade Ionic CLI to the most recent version with npm install -g ionic.

Run ionic info to confirm you have a 3.x version of Ionic CLI.

Thank you - I didn’t realise that the CLI and the Framework could be at two different versions.

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To complement what @Sujan12 said, Ionic 2 & Ionic 3 are the same codebase, when you upgrade to 3 nothing is lost in theory, but like always, always make a backup before upgrading.

Hope that helps,

Unbeknownst to me, I was already using version 3.9.2 of the framework, thinking it was 2.x (but that was only the CLI). I have seen the error of my ways :sweat_smile:

so do all works ok now when you run the project live? if so it’s great and kudos !*

ps: i recently switched to ionic pro too.