Is it possible to integrate Capacitor into a project that runs on single-spa(Microfrontend architecture)?

Project is running on single-spa, using microfrontend architecture. Need to integrate capacitor to create an app. But I can’t find any documentation on the same.

You should be able to. I am not familiar with that architecture, but Capacitor is not tied to a particular framework. You may have to do a deep dive to see how the bridge communication works.

Good Luck!

You can use NX by nrwl and two npm packages (@nxtend/ionic-angular and @nxtend/capacitor). I am actually writing a blog about this that I have not finished yet. I have my project on GitHub (GitHub - paulmojicatech/pmt-grocery-list-organizer) where I create a monorepo but I think you can also use it to create a micro frontend as well.

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