Is it possible to have an app that has both tabs & side menu?

I want to build an app that has both tabs and a side menu. But I want to disable the side menu if the user is not an admin. Is this possible?

Yes it’s possible. The conference app has both. Personally, I think it’s a bad UI, and one should use either tabs or a sidemenu, but I realize lots of other people seem to disagree.

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Thanks. Is it a better idea to show a different set of tabs if user is admin or normal user? Maybe on startup check if user is admin goto admintabs page if user goto usertabs page?

Whether to use a sidemenu or tabs really depends on the details of your app, but whatever way you decide to go, yes, you can conditionally set one root page or another, or disable or not even show admin-only menu options.

To show or hide options I would just a condition and *ngIf correct?

That’s one option. If you’re using the basic sidemenu structure of the conference app, you could also just add or remove items from the array of menu items, or even have two completely different sets of menu items: one for normal users and one for admins. The template could be identical, as it’s just looping over a list of menu items.

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