Is it possible to get the cell number of the device using any plugin?

Well, i was trying to get the user cell number when they access my App. Is it possible to get the number?

Not possible on iOS. See thread on stackoverflow.

Apple cracked down on this kind of stuff (IMEI as well).

Using this Cordova plugin you could geta UUID, but it’s not really what you want and has some iOS quirks:

Good luck!


If you need to verify a cell phone number, your best bet may be the same approach WhatsApp took. Ask the user to enter their mobile number, then SMS the number entered, monitor the SMS inbox for your message, if it comes in, the number is valid, if not assume it isn’t. Not perfect, but probably the only way to get it approved and into an app store.

Well thanks for the replies, but is it not possible that i get the mobile number directly?

i did this approch on android, but on ios i cant monitor the sms inbox, any help in that ?