Is it possible to force open Outlook calendar on iOS?

I am experiencing an issue and I would appreciate some advice or help from the community. Context: I am trying to open the Outlook calendar instead of the system calendar. I am using the calendar plugin to compose an event and add it to the calendar. On Android, the option to open with Gmail or Outlook appears.

The problem is that I cannot force it to open with the calendar plugin. Therefore, I tried using the scheme ms-outlook://calendar/new? with the InAppBrowser. This way, I can open the Outlook calendar, but the biggest issue arises when I try to add attributes (parameters) to fill in the fields. For example: ms-outlook://calendar/new?compose?startdt=${startTime}&enddt=${endTime}&location=${location}&subject=${subject}&body=${body}

When I pass the parameters, nothing works, and I cannot find any documentation on the correct parameters, so everything could be wrong, which is why the fields are not being filled in.

In short, I would like to know if anyone has done something similar to composing an event in the Outlook calendar, or any way to force opening the Outlook calendar instead of the system calendar.