Is it possible to detect the mute ( or ringer is off ) status?

I have audio alerts going off in response to certain time and events. But I want to honor the user’s current setting to snooze them if need be. In other words, if the user happened to turn off the ringer to put his/her phone to silence mode, I’d like to honor that and skip my audio alert.

But how do I detect the fact that it is muted?

I personally think, that when the user puts his phone into silence mode, the OS handles the audio alerts. So I think you won’t need to mute your application, the OS will do that globally for every application.

David, I checked it unfortunately, when the media call is made, media gets to play - regardess of the muteness setting on the device.

And as of now, I am unable to find a plug in that detects the mute position of the ios.