Is it possible to customize a plugin interface and see those updates in the ionic view app?


I’ve been editing the barcode scanner plugin ui code ( ios only ) to create a custom interface. I can see the update when building and previewing through xcode, but after uploading to the ionic view app none of those changes are visible. Is it possible to have those kind of changes propagate to the ionic view app? Is ionic view pulling in the plugins separately after upload or something?


So after some additional testing it seems that this is unfortunately not possible. It appears that the view app already has the barcode scanner plugin loaded as part of it’s build, and the app you shim into that is just reaching out and communicating with it. Not sure if it’s really possible to get around this fact, but would be a great feature if it was.


Yeah, allowing people to use custom plugins with ionic view would be nice, but as you’ve stated, we load the plugins with view itself. So something like a custom plugin would be better to test on your own device.


Thanks for the response! That all makes sense.