[Is it possible ? ] Create an ionic app with all it's contents hosted on cloud including index.html?

Hi all,

I have a question about the right approach to be taken for Ionic app development.

Will the following cause any kind of problems including approval from AppStore ?

  1. All the contents of hybrid app including index.html, Angular code of Ionic components, Images, Fonts, CSS are hosted on cloud

  2. When user clicks on app icon on his device, the app contents are loaded from cloud

Kindly provide information about what problems I may face in future.

If above approach is not possible with Ionic Framework only, then will following work ?

  1. Create Angular CLI project
  2. Use Ionic as mobile component library
  3. Use Cordova as a packager for the Angular CLI app which has Ionic included as a dependency

Thanks a lot in advance !

The first problem would be getting app stores to actually release an app like that. I imagine this would violate some rules somewhere…

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Thanks @mich356c ! Can you please point me to any online reference where I can verify it myself ?

All I can find on the forum after a few minutes, don’t wanna read all of Apples ToC :wink: I also think this could cause you issues with Ionic Native plugins; as in you simply can’t use them, but I’m not sure.