Is it configurable java version that ionic deploy uses?

Hello all, we are developing an application that uses a plugin (, the problem is when using ionic deploy, throws us an error saying:

CompileReleaseJavaWithJavac - is not incremental (eg outputs have changed, no previous execution, etc.).
/home/package/workspace/apps-f6cce792-10/cordova/platforms/android/src/ly/count/android/sdk/ error: diamond operator is not supported in -source 1.6

The problem is the version of java, since if we generate the package in our machine if it generates it well, the version of java that we use local is 1.8.

I would appreciate any information to solve this detail or to know if it will not be possible to use the ionic deploy service.


When do you get this error message?
Where are you which version of Java (your previous post was not really clear)?

Ionic Deploy doesn’t really use Java at all… so I am not sure I understand what you are trying to do.

An apology, it’s a time to generate the package:

thanks for the reply.

Ok, let me try to describe what is happening:

  1. You are using a plugin
  2. You can build your app with this plugin locally using “Java 1.8”
  3. You can not build your app on Ionic Package becaue the “Java 1.6” used there doesn’t support some code of the plugin
  4. You are asking if you can make Ionic Package use “Java 1.8” like you do locally

All correct?

Yes, sorry for the delay in my answer, but that is my doubt.