Is IonicFramework free?

Obviously, It’s free. It’s open source, and I’ve started fro free. But now I’m looking more into the platform in order to check if it’s suitable for an app I’m building that will use push notifications.

Up until now, I had always written my own server side that communicated against the Apple and Google push services to push notifications to my app users (using my own server logic).
I’ve started reading here: and I see that with Ionic I have less control over push notification and that I need to use my account with Ionic and rely on the Ionic service. While all of that seems free now, I’m wondering about future plans? Will Ionic remain free and give these services for free? Can I develop my own server side to send push notification to my app?

Nope the backend services will cost if they are in final states. But i do not know the pricing model.
I think it will be similar to other providers like

Any way to integrate my own backend services with my Ionic app?

sure… because you have a backend and if you provide an api you can call it… like any other backends (sending requests and getting the answer ;))

Ya , You can design your push notification API in SignalR,

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