Is Ionic the right framework for this?

Hi I’m looking to build an app for independent property managers to do inspections.

There will be a version on Android, IOS and Web.

Users will configure their property details and the app comes up with a checklist that they are prompted to complete and take photos every inspection. Then they can enter some notes and book maintenance items. The app produces a PDF report which gets emailed and also saved.

Android/iOS will probably need an offline mode. Which is why I looked at ionic instead of a standard web app.

Single online database which everything is uploaded to.

Will need to be able to push out some settings, such as if a major insurer changes their inspection policy or some other promotion.

Does ionic lend itself to this? The UI will be very simple, it’s mostly back end configuration and processing. Are there libraries or packages already built to support the central web-app that synchs with mobile versions or would I have to build everything from scratch?



PS: This is pretty early research and not a job ad, yet. Replies on the forum would be very helpful.

It sounds like a good fit. The general rule of thumb is that if you need moving graphics and special control (like Snapchat enforcing rules about screenshots) then Native is the way to go, while if the UI can be generic, then hybrid can save a lot of development time.

Hello @nktokyo

I have gone through the requirement and Ionic is good fit for this.

We are happy to discuss this project in more detail. We have released some of our work on Ionic Market place

Also, check

Once, we connected then I can share more examples.

You can reach me via email manish[at]opensourcetechnologies[dot]com or skype manish.osuniverse


Hello Nick,

Just sent you a PM please check.

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