Is Ionic enough strong for big Dating platforms

Hi Ionic lovers and ionic team, For very interesting project (Dating platform) i am looking best options and solutions.

I have a dating platform project and i am thinking about ionic framework, can i use on this project, is this good idea, is ionic enough strong etc. i have a few questions for ionic experts and experienced developers.

Few points for more idea; - Huge using (150.000+ active users and 25.000+ db transactions) - With Asp.Net Web services / Json / Javascript - Lot of Facebook and Google integrations for users profile and locations - With MSSQL db. - Just Using GPS hardware for locations (nearby option)

Is Ionic good idea for this project ? if yes Is Ionic enough strong framework for this type projects ?

if not What is your advice ?

Thank you everybody…

if the architecture is designed well enough, why not? only one way to find out.

are you using MSSQL because of Asp.Net? I think a NoSQL db could be quicker if you’re smart with the design.

right now though there are some issues with virtual scroll which if you have big lists could be problematic. but there are lots of different ways to get around this. good luck!

(Ionic Native will definitely be your friend)

Actually problem here around User experience (Feeling) because we talking about 150.000 user in first phase and 15.000 - 20.000+ db transactions.

Ionic Native sound good we ll think about that but i want to know your ideas about Db why NoSQL ?

it’s for sure going to be better using native, but web’s catching up all the time.

i’ve read up on how Tinder do their stuff, using NoSQL - MongoDB. it’s much quicker, but can be a bit dodgy if you’re not using it correctly (in my experience). speed is a key part of UX. I don’t know how your platform’s UI etc, so difficult to advise. couch/pouchDB play nicely together too for offline/online synching.

Ionic Native is a big step up for making stuff easier for web guys using native/cordova. if you have some smart guys, you can write your own cordova plugins too for what you need

The amount of active users and db transactions is a backend problem, not a (mobile) frontend problem. So this is pretty irrelevant for you choosing Ionic or not.

Sure but thinking about Loading with ionic and native feeling !