Is Ionic Academy Worth it?

I’ve just came across the Ionic Academy website and i watched the video of a guy named Steve who is literally what i am now. A web developer with zero knowledge of Ionic and Cordova. So i was wondering if is it worth to subscribe to Ionic Academy. Anyone has any experience with their courses maybe? Are they valuable?
Thanks in advance.

Hey, just found this topic through Google and wanted to jump in.

I’m Simon, the creator of the Ionic Academy and also the Devdactic blog!

The content of the Ionic Academy ranges from absolute beginner topics (Getting Started with Ionic + Angular + Cordova) to advanced topics like how to build JWT authentication with your own NodeJS backend.

It’s aimed to help developers of all skill levels.

So is it worth to subscribe? Of course I say yes as a creator, but I also know from many members who have followed the courses and are now ready to build their own apps.

I would say if you have a general understanding of how software development works, perhaps some basic HTML, CSS and JS skills (although not really mandatory), the Ionic Academy will definitely be a helpful and friendly place for you to learn everything Ionic.

Hi Simon, I really appreciate your effort.
I have been developing enterprise level applications since late 2016.
Does your academy speaks about the below topics?

  1. Azure Oauth2
  2. Integrating Power BI in ionic apps
  3. Handling Basic Authentication (Especially WWW-Authenticate headers)
  4. One Map APIs

Sorry but no! Although those topics are important they are very specialised and the content inside the Academy is more geared towards the standard requirements and how to build Ionic apps (although there are more advanced topics, but not on Enterprise level).