Is a bad idea one .js for each controller?


I have one app that has a lot of controllers with a lot of code, logics etc…
and my code have almost 2k lines, each time i need code on some controller i have to use the “Find” command.
i tried put each controller in one separed .js file… is kinda lame, i know, but is this rly hurt the code at all? rly bad to performance?
cuz, in this app, the maintenance is a true pain in the … bunda.

in web development, i know that is a bad approach, but in a app is the same? with all js running on device…

I’m just curious!

Btw i’m using (and sometimes Brackets).

Thanks a lot!

No it wont be a problem

it was a problem till I learned how to used gulp to minify it for production

See this

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Gulp!! Great :smile: