Iphone 5 with ios 7.0 ionic app not working

my app just been publish by app store, i test everything on my own phone is working iphone 5 ios 9.1, but on my friend phone (iphone 5 ios 7.0), after splash screen been load, and show blank white page, have no idea why, can someone help please.

so i am download xcode 5.1 test ios 7, there show error on
cordova-plugin-camera/CDVCamera.m:152:46: Use of undeclared identifier ‘UIApplicationOpenSettingsURLString’

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I’m facing a similar problem! My app only works with iOS8.0+ or Android 4.4+! Is it possible to make it work with iOS 7???


My problem was solve, if i cam remember their is code issue on ios 5, cause the problem, i will find out for u tonight

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Hi saintxiao,
Thanks for you support! I really can’t find a way to deal with the problem… thanks for your help!

did you test you app on emulator or real device?

My app is already on the Apple Store and it was tested by de users… I received and email from a user saying that on iOS 7 de app layout just appears deformed… Then I’ve tested myself and in some pages of the app the layout really appears deformed!

Can you help me!?