Ios10 permissions

Hey guys, I just upgraded to ios10 beta on my iPhone & realized the permissions (to access photos, contacts, etc) now require a description string. I am on ionic 2

I tried adding this:

This is my permission string

to my config.xml but that did not work.

I then tried to do it manually through XCode & now it works but I have to put the app in the background in order to get the permission popup. Is this a known bug or is it something I’m doing wrong?

I have the same issue using ionic 1.3.1.

Did you solve it ?

I can’t figure out why all the permissions are asked behind the app.

The weird thing is that the production app works just fine even with iOS10 but if I try to build the exact same app with xCode 8.0, I get this issue of permissions being displayed behind the app.