Ios triggers backdrop

 presentActionSheet() {
   let actionSheet = this.actionSheetCtrl.create({
     title: 'Opções',
     buttons: [
         text: 'Editar',
         handler: () => {
         text: 'Relatar',
         handler: () => {
          this ...



And my html:

 <ion-item (tap)="tapTT();"  (press)="pressTT">

First all, sorry about my english, its not my native, so i get this text from another post its too similar for what i need, can someone help-me?

On iOS, the popover content is shown below the element that triggered the event.
What I think is happening is that as you trigger the press event, the backdrop appears under your finger, which seems to trigger a tap/click on the backdrop, causing it to dismiss.

If you ‘press’ just long enough to trigger a press instead of tap and then lift your finger it works fine, but keep touching the screen long enough for the popover to appear and you’ll trigger the backdrop dismiss when you lift your finger.

If I set enableBackDropDismiss to false, then it works, but this isnt a solution because then the user experience just isnt very intuitive.

This isnt an issue on Android because the popover appears under your finger / directly over the element you pressed, so you’re not tapping the backdrop.

Any ideas to either prevent that first backdrop tap (or within a certain delay) or to enable backdrop dismiss after a certain delay?