iOS Transitions and a Transparent background


We’ve been banging our heads as to why the right to left transitions have been overlapping before “popping” out in iOS , and realized that it was because the left hand container is given a transform of -33% to the left, and an opacity of 0.9. While this works if each view has a solid background (the item coming in from the right overlaps). It doesn’t work if you have a transparent background. which the elements are meant to slide over.

Does anyone know how to customize the transition animation so the opacity can go to 0 when sliding right to left? Is there a setting somewhere?


I found a small little “fix” for this. I am basically just hiding the leaving views when I have these transparent backgrounds. I am only using them in certain places so it feels okay.

[nav-view="leaving"].transparent-view  {

The views themselves have a class of ‘transparent-view’.