iOS - set UI bounce colors

On iOS, I want to set the UI bounce background color programatically.
I want to set the color white to top bounce (a la pull down), and black for bottom bounce (a la pull up)

Is there a way in Ionic to to that? (some pages I want all white, some pages a combination, etc)

This will probably be hard as the background is defined by the outer most container that is made visible by “overscrolling”.

You could try to find out which one it is (by checking how to set the color from white to black), then creating an image (1 px wide, veeeery tall so it will fit all resolutions, upper half white, lower half white) and position it vertically as the background of that container.

But no idea how to do this in code, sorry.

It’s ion-content. I tried setting a gradient on it, but it didn’t work, I think because the scroll-content was with a background set to white.

If there is no easy way, I will try some stuff but won’t dive into the source. Thanks