IOS Rejected: Link with donations help

So I submitted an app to IOS, but it’s been rejected.

I have a external page that accepts donations, so I have tried two ways that both were rejected:

  1. I was using iframe to embed the link, but it was rejected.

  2. I used a button and added
    onClick=“‘url-to-donations-page’,’_blank’,‘location=no’);return false;”>

So I’m at a loss. I thought the _blank would cause it to open as external link, but it still apparently violates apple. To fix this issue, they suggested:

While donations may not be taken within an application, you may provide a link to your website that launches Safari for users to make a donation. You may also add a link to send an SMS to make the donation.

We understand that directing your user outside of your app may not be the experience you prefer to offer your users. However, it is a common experience in a variety of iOS apps. And in the case of collecting donations for charities - regardless of whether the donations are in cash or another form - it is also the required user experience

Any ideas?