Ios platform add issues

When I add ios platform always getting an error like

Cordova platform adds ios --save Using “requireCordovaModule” to load non-Cordova module “q” is not supported. Instead, add this module to your dependencies and use regular “require” to load it. [ERROR] An error occurred while running subprocess Cordova.

How to fix this problem?

use Cordova platform add ios --save

I have used the Cordova platform adds ios --save but getting the same error.

I’m having this same issue, last Friday I was able to build the iOS version without any issues, but starting the following Tuesday it’s giving me this error whenever I try to do it.

it is an issue of some plugins with the new version of cordova (9.0.0), you should try to downgrade cordova untill all the plugin maintainers fixes the issue

npm install -g cordova@8.1.2

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