IOS overscroll issues with Ion-Content and large SVGs - native

I have an Ion-content with several large SVG files in it. I am loading the page from an ion-modal.

Under normal circumstances when I navigate to the page and I scroll up/down and activate the IOS over scroll elastic effect, I get a little bit of a flicker / bounce, but it’s not too bad. But if a navigate to another page and then back, the IOS over scroll elastic effect has a really bad flicker / bounce:

ezgif-3-6b1da66b48cf (1)

Here is a link to a video with a higher frame rate to show the problem : video of problem

Notes: This problem only shows when I am on native IOS, (testing on iPhone X).
It I only show 1 SVG instead of 3 or 4, the problem does not exist. If i use smaller PNG image files instead of the SVGs, the problem also goes away.

I am not why it is doing this, especially after I go to anther page. When I navigate back, the previous page should be removed from the DOM.