IOS Memory buildup when changing IFRAME src/Best way to embed Youtube? Help!

I have a blank IFRAME In my cordova ionic IOS App for embedded YouTube videos.

I change the NG-SRC="" of iframe by clicking Next Video. But upon testing it appears that the phone/cordova/webview is caching the old content of the iframes. I can only get through 20 videos or so before crashing out of memory.

I have tried using angular.element.remove() to remove the iframe as well as setting the iframe src to blank first, and neither seemed to affect how much memory is in use. I’ve also tried the cordova plugin ClearCache and that didnt clear any memory either.

Please help! Is there a better way to embed youtube in a cordova/ionic app?
I have spent weeks working on this all to have it crashing down around me!

My Video view is like:

<ion-view view-title="Random Video">

		  <iframe id="youtube" sandbox="allow-scripts allow-same-origin" ng-src="{{video.url | trustAsResourceUrl}}" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
	  <button ng-click="nextVideo()">

My controller is like:

 .controller('VideoCtrl', function(VideoService) {    
		$ = {};

	  $scope.nextVideo = function() {
		$ = null;  //doesnt seem to help
		//$scope.$destroy(); //doesn't help
		//angular.element(document.querySelector( '#youtube' )).attr("src", " ");
		//angular.element(document.querySelector( '#youtube' )).remove();
		//neither of the above 2 remove any memory
				$ =;

Note, when I load my app onto a website instead, and load in chrome, I can cycle through videos without seeing the memory usage go up (looking at taskmgr.exe at least)