IOS inappbroswer token login to external website session timeouts while Android works


I use inappbroswer with url token login to my external website so that user login the app will auto login my webpage that is opened via App inappbroswer. Users will always stay logon in the APP, and when open inappbroswer with url token, it should always auto login my external website as well. This is working no problem in Android.


  1. Mobile app has passed login token with URL
  2. Server detects the url & can see the login token on url.
  3. Looks for user info in the DB by login token.
  4. Force to create session by user info.
  5. Webview store session id in the cookie & send it with the next requests
  6. Session expired, go back step 1


However, somehow with IOS APP inappbroswer token url login to external website, it works for first login to app, but inappbroswer session would timeout showing login page from website ( if session expired, it should go back step 1 above) after user login the app for a few hours and open inappbroswer token url page again.

It feels like IOS platform issue, and it kills the session. If user logout the app, and login again. the IOS APP inappbroswer token url login to external website works again until a few hours later session expired again.

Is there any restriction on IOS platform for such use case?

when session expired in IOS, why it does not go back step 1 to create a new session? how to debug this?