iOS device doesnt center content in modal

Ok, i have a strange bug on iOS:
The ion-content element fills up the whole width of the modal.
The .scroll-content doesnt fill up the whole width of its parent ion-content. There is some space on the right, but i cant figure out, where it comes from and how i get rid of it.
The strangest thing is, it only appears on a real iOS device. Browser (android and iOS) and android device are fine.
This is the html code:

<ion-content padding="" class="content content-ios statusbar-padding">
<div class="fixed-content"></div>
<div class="scroll-content">
  <div class="qr_wrapper">
    <qr-code ng-reflect-size="200" ng-reflect-value="tQ2iYMPSxqEyHIfVdX4FAu1LRv0lKm"><img height="200" width="200" src="data:image/png;base64,..."></qr-code>

These are images from the safari web inspector, show the selection of ion-content and .scroll-content.



Please help me :slight_smile:
Thank you

I hope its ok, to do that.

I really need a solution for that. Its the last bit of my app before i can release it…