iOS build with xCode 14 and custom plugin including framework fails

I added a framework to to the podspec of my CustomPlugin like described here. Everything was working fine till I started using xCode 14. Now I’m getting the following error when I try to archive my app.

framework module 3rdPartyFramework {
  umbrella header "3rdPartyFramework.h"

  export *
  module * { export * }

module 3rdPartyFramework.Swift {
    header "3rdPartyFramework-Swift.h"
    requires objc

Line 2 error: Umbrella for module 'CustomPlugin' already covers this directory
Line 5 error: Inferred submodules require a module with an umbrella

Does someone know what I need to change in my CustomPlugin podspec to fix these errors? Or are there some changes needed in the framework I’m using?