iOS Build size increasing drastically after adding this plugin to Ionic-5 project

I am adding “cordova-plugin-aes256-encryption” plugin to my Angular/Ionic-5 project which increasing iOS build size from 24.5MB to 99.7MB.
If anyone facing the similar issue?
Version Details:
@ionic-native/aes-256”: “^5.35.0”,
“cordova-plugin-aes256-encryption”: “^2.0.1”,

No idea, but why are you doing this in the first place? The browser you’re running in already has a faster AES implementation built into it.

@rapropos Thanks for the reply! But my app is specific to ios which wouldn’t run on any browser container. So installed this plugin for AES implementation which supports ios & android platforms.

I’m confused. All Angular apps run in a browser, and can use SubtleCrypto.