iOS build from

I searched the forum but was unable to find a similar question.

I have an ionic app that needs to be built for iOS, I wanted to do it on but there is an error that I’m unable to solve.

▸ Compiling SQLiteObjc.m

:x: /Users/ionic/builds/project-0/ios/App/Pods/SQLite.swift/Sources/SQLiteObjc/fts3_tokenizer.h:27:9: ‘sqlite3.h’ file not found

#import “sqlite3.h”

▸ Compiling SQLite.swift-dummy.m
Could not read serialized diagnostics file: Cannot Load File: Failed to open diagnostics file (in target ‘SQLite.swift’ from project ‘Pods’)
AssetsLibrary is deprecated. Consider migrating to Photos instead. (in target ‘CordovaPlugins’ from project ‘Pods’)
MobileCoreServices has been renamed. Use CoreServices instead. (in target ‘CordovaPlugins’ from project ‘Pods’)

This would be the solution for it:

But the online builder always downloads the plugin from the repository and I don’t know how to tell it not to do that but to use the plugin from my commit. Is it possible?