IOS build failed for IOS 14 - Property 'userAgent' not found on object of type 'CDVViewController *'

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Hope everyone fine in the pandemic situation.

Coming to the point I am getting these errors from 2 days onwards. Tried in google and updated WebView.
I think these errors are from WebView for the IOS. Is there any solution to get rid of these errors?

Thanks in advance.


  • property ‘userAgent’ not found on object of type 'CDVViewController ’ wkWebView.customUserAgent = ((CDVViewController) self.viewController).userAgent;

  • use of undeclared identifier ‘CDVUserAgentUtil’ [CDVUserAgentUtil releaseLock:vc.userAgentLockToken];

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cordova-ios 6 removed those methods, you’ll have to update the plugins using that code to their latest version

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