iOS build asks all the times to select a development team, how to fix? Ionic 6 - Capacitor 4 - Xcode 14

since i’ve upgraded my xcode to version 14, all the times i try to make a release and run the app on a real device, it asks to sign the Pods with a development team.

but even if I do, it doesn’t store the data and the very next time i try to run the app, it asks for it again

There is a way to store “once and forever” ?


You shouldn’t set the development team to any of the Pods, that should be done automatically by CocoaPods.
What’s your CocoaPods version?
I have no such problems with version 1.11.3

If using that version doesn’t fix the problem, you can also try the answers on this SO question

version 1.11.3
If if set “automatically” it works for the first time but if i close xcode, the next time it asks for a development team

i’ll check the link