iOS Bluetooth Serial Classic - Device not found, but Device shows BT connected/paired?

I am currently using Ionic 6 in React on iOS. I am really struggling to get this working as I receive a Device not found. The iOS device shows the interlocking chains at the top right with BT connected to the Device Name.

import { BluetoothClassicSerialPort } from '@awesome-cordova-plugins/bluetooth-classic-serial-port';


const selectAccessory = async () => {
    const deviceDiscovery = BluetoothClassicSerialPort.setDeviceDiscoveredListener().subscribe(async (connectionConfig) => {
    await BluetoothClassicSerialPort.discoverUnpaired().catch(error => {

The selection for the Accessory pops up with the device name on the app, I select it and receive the error Device not found. However, BT is connected to the device. Even if I run a list() after the fact, it is an empty array.