iOS Ascii softkeyboard with DONE button



I am new to Ionic and I am trying to have a textfield for iPhone where on clicking the input field, I want to show an iOS7 Ascii keyboard with a “Done” button at the right.

However, if I use the code present at, I always see a “Return” button instead of “Done”. Is there any way I can invoke the ASCII keyboard with a Done button?

Thanks in advance!


You have a screenshot of that? I’ve never seen “Return” instead of “Done”. Also, can you post a code sample?


Hi Calendee,

I have attached 2 files

  1. keyboard with Return Key (Existing issue with the current code)
  2. keyboard with Go Key (Requirement)

I have created the project with the following commands run using cardova and modified tab-dash.html (added some text fields to popup keyboard)

  1. ionic start myApp tabs
  2. ionic platform add iOS
  3. ionic build iOS
  4. ionic emulate ios

and modified tab-dash.html with the following code (added text fields to popup keypad)