IOS app was unable to make http calls until Network Settings reset

Hello everyone. I have a bit of a weird one and I hope you can help point me in the right direction.

I recently released our app into Apple app store and on the first day a user reported being unable to log in. After some troubleshooting it was apparent that http calls to perform the login were not actually leaving the app (no network traffic registered on our end). The same application exists as a webapp and the user could log in fine from the browser (communicating to the same backend). After some fiddling the user was able to reset the network settings in iOS and the app was able to communicate and successfully log in. I had a customer support person reproduce and confirm the settings fix. Unfortunately I was unable to obtain logs from the user device to look into it in more detail, and have been unable to reproduce on my device or emulators.

Does this sound familiar? Looking for a potential cause and ways to mitigate.

I’m suspicious of one area: the original developers were storing the url for the backend in local storage after pulling it from the environment global (I’m not sure why).

ios 15.2 and 15.3
ionic 5.33
angular 11.2
capacitor 3.0.2

Any advice you could offer is appreciated!

use sentry to log user errors: Capacitor | Sentry Documentation